on the Journey

Pastor Michael

April 24, 2018

Carey Nieuwhof has written about insights he’s gained after making it to 25 years in marriage.  What do you think?

1.  Love is a decision, not an emotion.

2.  Don’t make tomorrow’s decisions based on today’s emotions.

3.  Live your story, not someone else’s.

4.  Instagram, Pinterest, and facebook lie.

5.  Don’t put pressure on your spouse that only God can bear.

6.  You probably married your opposite.

7.  Counselors are worth it.

8.  Progress starts when you see that you’re the problem.

9.  Your unspoken assumptions can sink you.

10.  When you agree on values, you’ll agree a lot more.

11.  Remember that if you leave, you take all your unresolved problems to your next relationship.

12.  Pray together.

14.  Go on dates.

15.  Don’t make your kids the center of your family.

16.  Take vacations without your kids.

17.  Figure out how to be a couple again before your kids grow up.