on the journey

Pastor Michael

Terrific!  Awesome!  Amazing!  What a week in the life of Journey!  Our church family generously gave thousands of dollars worth of school supplies to students in need and gave continental breakfasts to over 250 teachers and staff at Cloverdale Elementary and Read Mountain Middle and Northside High Schools.


Our volunteers served a couple of hundred students and family members at an outreach event at Cloverdale Elementary and served several hundred people at an outreach event for National Night Out in conjunction with the Vinton Police Department.


Our church co-sponsored a leadership summit for over 100 church and community leaders in seeking to fulfill one of the goals in our strategic plan:  “to enhance the servant leadership ethos of the Blue Ridge region.”  Also, conversations were initiated with local business and non-profit and government leaders in seeking to fulfill another goal in our strategic plan “to empower people through educational and economic development”.


Then our church celebrated the baptism of seven persons who have committed their lives to Christ.  It had been pouring rain, and just as we made our way down to the lake, a rainbow appeared in the sky!  Incredible!


All that happened in a week!  Now, how will we all seek to cooperate with God in doing amazing things through us next week and the week after that and the week after that?