On The journey

Pastor Michael

July 2, 2018


I want to share with you a Bible story—and then the story in reverse, sort of!


Mark 2:1-5  says:  Jesus went back to Capernaum, and a few days later people heard that he was at home.  Then so many of them came to the house that there wasn’t even standing room left in front of the door.  Jesus was still teaching when four people came up, carrying a crippled man on a mat.  But because of the crowd, they could not get him to Jesus.  So they made a hole in the roof above him and let the man down in front of everyone.  When Jesus saw how much faith they had, he said to the crippled man, “My friend, your sins are forgiven.”


Awesome, right?  Caring so much for your friends that you’d do whatever it takes for them to experience Jesus.


Now the reverse, sort of.  A man who started coming to Journey when he was at the Roanoke Rescue Mission drove two healthy guys who currently are at the Rescue Mission to Journey last Sunday.  He wanted to do all he could to assure that they could experience Jesus. 


Here’s the twist.  The guy who drove them was so weak from his cancer treatments that he did not think he could make it inside the auditorium, so he sat in his car during the service (so you know, I visited him in the hospital last week and communicated directly that I appreciated him so much, but I did not want him sitting out in his car in the parking lot on Sunday mornings alone—he needed to let us know so we could help him come in to worship Jesus with our church family—and, yes, if needed, we would carry him in!)


Now, will we love our unchurched family and friends enough to do whatever it takes to bring them to Jesus so that there is standing room only?  Who will we invite?  What are their names?  Will we write down their names and pray daily for them?  Will Jesus see how much faith we have?