Pastor michael

April 18, 2017

Sunday was a wonderful day for Journey Church as we joined with churches around the world in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus that revealed hope wins out over despair; right wins out over wrong; love wins out over evil!  This Easter we had the largest number of persons ever attending Journey on a Sunday morning with between 600 and 700 people present.  Thanks to all who were a part of this meaningful time of worship, and thanks to all who invited unchurched family and friends to come with you.  I hope you'll invite them to join you this coming Sunday as we begin the new series I Want to Believe, But . . .


Participating in worship is one of the most visible expressions of a person's faith.  It expresses a certain level of belief, devotion and identity not found in any other activity.  In a study conducted by the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism, it was found that around 45% of Americans have not attended a worship service in the last six months other than a holiday.  

Here are some of the other findings from unchurched American adults:

22% claim no religious affiliation; they are "nones" religiously.

29% say a Christian has ever shared with them one-on-one how to become a Christian.

62% went to church as children but walked away as adults.

79% don't think their Christian friends talk about their faith too much.


They said they would be more interested in listening to what Christians have to say if they saw Christians:

32% treating others better because of faith.

31% caring for people's needs because of faith.

26% happier because of faith.

24% standing up against injustice because of faith.

22% using faith to solve community problems.

22% using faith to solve personal problems.

21% working together with multiple races or ethnicities in a church.

On the journey with you,

Pastor Michael