pastor michael

August 14, 2017


In our culture there’s so much divisiveness and disrespect, so much incivility—which is the opposite of what’s expected of followers of Jesus who are to “show proper respect to everyone.”  (1 Peter 2:17)  Here are some essential rules of respect from Bill Hybels:


1. Set the example on how to differ with others without demonizing them.


2. Set the example of how to have spirited conversations without drawing blood.


3.  Do not interrupt others who are talking and do not dominate the conversation.


4.  Set the example of limiting volume levels and refusing to use incendiary or belittling words that guarantee to derail a discussion.


5.  Set the example of being courteous in word and deed to everyone at every level.


6.  Never stereotype.


7.  Apologize immediately when wrong, instead of denying or doubling down.


8.  Form opinions carefully and stay open-minded if better information comes along.


9.  Set the example doing what you say you are going to do.