Pastor michael

August 28, 2017


I want to share with you the story of someone who was baptized in Journey Church’s service Sunday evening:


“I lost my son, Dustin, July 2015.  He died of a heroine over dose, just hours after I left him.  He said he would be OK and told me he loved me.  I called him back that night, and we laughed.  I called the next morning, but he didn’t answer.  That was unusual, so I drove by to check on him.  He was gone.  The worst thing I feared had happened.  In my grief, I questioned God.  In my search, I consulted mediums.  I researched death.  I felt Dustin was in the grave, and there was nothing else.  That day I found him I replayed in my head.  I blamed myself for not arriving sooner.  I blamed God for not helping me help Dustin.  I was frozen in time unable to move forward. 


I began to pray and ask God for understanding and strength.  Over time I realized that God gave me the sweetest gift he could have given a mother.  The five days before Dustin died, circumstances would have me and Dustin together night and day.  We talked about everything, we contemplated the future.  We cried about the past.  He lay on the end of my bed at night, and we talked until four in the morning.  He told me of his faith in God, his love for me and his family, and how he wanted to be a great dad for his son.  My son of 29 was given to me for the last time to help me heal and for me to tell his loved ones that he loved God and his family.  I cannot imagine if I had not had this time with him.  God tried to shield me just as a Father would do. 


I’m being baptized to show that I will never question my faith again, that I do not blame myself or anyone else for his death, and that God lives in me.  Sometimes we don’t understand why, but eventually there are blessings in unanswered prayers.  I also want to show my family and friends where my heart is and encourage them likewise to reach out to God and his blessings.”