Pastor Michael

July , 2017


A study about the role of faith in everyday life by Pew Research asked self-identified American Christians:  “Which of the following are essential parts of what being a Christian means to you?  What do you think of the responses?


Believing in God                                             86%

Being grateful for what you have                    71%

Forgiving those who have wronged you         69%

Being honest at all times                                  67%

Praying regularly                                             63%

Working to help the poor and needy               52%

Committing to spend time with family 48%

Reading Bible/religious material                      42%

Attending religious services                            35%

Not losing temper                                            32%

Helping out in your congregation                    28%

Dressing modestly                                          26%

Working to protect the environment                22%

Living a healthy lifestyle                                 18%

Resting on the Sabbath                                    18%

Buying from companies that pay fair wages   14%