Pastor Michael

June 12, 2017


Here’s another life change story from Journey’s recent lake baptism service:


“Before I trusted Christ, I tried to control my own life.  I worried about the future.  I let my past regrets haunt my thoughts.  I was unsure of who I was and what life was all about.  I used alcohol to try and cope with the stresses of life.  I let alcohol control my life gradually over time.


I found out through the Bible that Christ doesn’t want me to worry about the future or live in regret of the past.  I decided all I had to do was to trust that everything would work out in his way, which the Bible says is good, because God is good.  I decided that I could live a more peaceful, fulfilling life through Christ.  Any wrongs done in my life were forgiven by Christ.  I am one of God’s children, and he loves me.  I will be with him in heaven when I die.


Since I decided to follow Christ, my life is new because I have let old habits and addictions go.  I’ve realized that the only way to recover from alcoholism is through Christ.  God is forever by my side, in my corner, rooting for me, guiding my direction, loving me. 


I now have the grace of God even though I do not deserve it.  Now my life is peaceful, absent of anxiety and worry and full of hope because God is ultimately in control.  I know that even on the hard, rough, difficult days, I can be grateful for the small things God has given me.  God will give me just what I need to be happy.  I can now share this new found love with others.  I know that we are children of God who are always loved and graced by him.”