Pastor Michael

June 19, 2017

Journey is committed to life transformation through the power of Christ’s love.  Here’s a story of that from someone who was recently baptized in our church:


“Before trusting Christ with my life, at age 17 I was in a physically abusive and controlling relationship.  On any given day, I’d show up to my job hung over or still drunk or high on pills.  Often times, my “friends” would give me pills at work, and I’d take them without even knowing what they were, because frankly, I didn’t care most days.  I spent my lunch break crying in my car and trying to talk myself into going back inside. 


It was at this job that God placed a wonderful, Godly role model in my life.  She invited me to church.  I attended many times, and I considered myself a believer in Christ, but I still felt so empty and lost. 


One Sunday morning I remember sitting there feeling so exposed, like everyone knew about the drugs I had been doing even that morning.  I felt embarrassed and shameful.  I questioned how Jesus could possibly care about me.  I told myself that I could never be forgiven for all the things I had done.  Then the band sang a song, and I felt as if I was the only one in the auditorium, and every word was meant just for me.  ‘Come home running, his arms are open wide.  His name is Jesus, and he understands.  He is the answer you are looking for, so come home running, just as you are.’  For the first time, I felt like I could be saved from the path I was going down.  That morning I committed to living my life for Christ.


After trusting Christ, I was able to overcome my addiction.  I feel at peace and full of life and love.  I am blessed to be married to my middle school sweetheart and best friend.  I have a family with Journey Church where I feel as though I really belong.  I get to serve with the kids’ ministry and tell them how much Jesus loves them.  Though I still make mistakes, my life is meaningful.  I have purpose.  I am blessed.  I know I am loved.”