Pastor michael

June 27, 2017

Summer camp!  Almost 40 youth, children, and chaperones from Journey (along with about 1100 other youth (grades 6-12) and 500 other children (grades 3-5.)  In the mountains of North Carolina at the continental divide (cool enough the last morning that we could see our breath outside.)  Averaged 6 hours of sleep per night and 6 miles of walking per day (again, in the mountains!)


You could say it was an eventful week.  The first evening a Journey chaperone fell and injured her foot and was taken to urgent care.  The next evening a Journey child was taken to urgent care—same nurse, same room.  The child’s hand had gotten caught in an elevator door (don’t ask how.)  Two fire companies and a medic unit responded.  When his sister (also at camp) heard her little brother’s hand was stuck in an elevator, she fainted, but was caught before she hit the ground.


At supper the next evening one Journey child started choking.  Another child (the one who almost fainted) moved quickly behind her and did the Heimlich maneuver on her.  The child who was choking spit out the food.  And the child who did the maneuver said in a nonchalant, matter of fact way:  “I saved her life.”


The child who saved the life of her friend publicly in worship let it be known that she was saved, that she had become a Christian.  Another child also declared her faith in Jesus (and excitedly called various family members to tell them because she could not wait until she got home to share it with them.)  One of Journey’s youth also said that he wants to be baptized.  When asked what they liked most about camp, over and over our young people said—worship.  Before camp started, we prayed for spiritual transformation, and God moved in the lives of our youth and children in significant ways at camp.


One evening in the cafeteria some of Journey’s kids started beating their hands on their table and chanting:  “Journey Church is awesome, Journey Church is awesome.”  Even more importantly, God is awesome! It was an awesome week!


Guess what?  We’ve already registered for camp next year!  June 26-30.  Same place (except hopefully no urgent care will be needed again!)  Pray that our wonderful, dedicated, awesome youth and children’s volunteers will continue to love and disciple all our kids throughout the year (if you’d like to volunteer in some way to serve in these life-changing ministries of our church, just let us know.)