Pastor Michael


May 23, 2017


Roles.  We all play them.  Daughter or son.  Mother or father.  Student or teacher.  Supervisor or supervisee.  I’ve been thinking about the role of church leadership.  During my devotional times I read through books of the Bible.  This morning the verse I was to focus on just happened to be one in which God spoke directly to what I needed to hear (God has a way of doing this with me—probably because I need direction more than most other people.)  The Scripture was:  “Is Apollos important?  No!  Is Paul important?  No!  We are only servants of God who helped you believe.  Each one of us did the work the Lord gave us to do.”  1 Corinthians 3:5 (EXB)  Church leaders are only servants.  That’s it.  We each are to do the work God gave us to do, and we are to do that for as long as God calls us to do it.


God has revealed some new roles for some of the leaders of Journey.  After much prayer and discernment, there has been a sense from the Holy Spirit for the roles of Jill Simmons and Jackie Taylor to change for the remainder of this year.  On an interim basis they will be sharing in staff leadership of the youth and children’s ministries of our church (along with our wonderfully dedicated volunteers!)  Jill and Jackie will move from part-time to full-time staff.  The specifics of this model of shared ministry are going to be worked out over time, but Jill and Jackie are both very excited about this.  They each are committed to doing the work God gives them to do, to play whatever role God calls them to, for as long as God calls them to do it.  These expanded ministry roles will of course require increased financial support, so all of us who are followers of Jesus will want to give generously to make this possible.


Traci Starr has served faithfully in the life of Journey Church from its beginning.  After retiring from a school system, God has led her to step off Journey’s staff—but she’s not retiring!  She’ll be changing to a volunteer role in our worship ministry.  Darrell Cook’s role will also be changing from staff to serving in our church as a volunteer in whatever ways God leads.


I hope all our Journey family knows how genuinely our staff seeks to embrace servant leadership, believing we’re not that important, only God is.  We want simply to serve in whatever roles God calls us to.  We want to help people believe in Christ and behave like Christ and bless like Christ.  That’s what’s important.