pastor michael

September 5, 2017


Here’s the life change story of someone who was baptized during our church’s recent baptism and communion worship experience at a lake:


“I grew up in an abusive, alcoholic household.  There was always anxiety and chaos.  Even though my mother believed in God with her whole heart, she had not been healed enough to be loving to others.  I was always running.  Running from her addiction, from my pain, from my loneliness.


I got involved with the wrong people and drugs at a very young age.  By the time I was 17, I dropped out of high school, and all I worried about was getting high, to forget, to not feel pain, to not hate myself, to be numb.


On my 18th birthday I overdosed on drugs and ended up in the hospital.  I was praying out loud to God to save me.  I knew I had been messing up and begged for a second chance.  He blessed me with that chance.


I know it is because of God that I am here today.  He saw a future for me.  He forgave me and loved me, even though I had been making horrible, hurtful choices for myself.  I will never doubt he was with me those days in the hospital. 


It has been a hard road to get where I am, but I could not have done it without our merciful God.  I am a sober adult with a wonderful family and children now, which I can honestly say I would not have had if God hadn’t saved me.”