ON the journey

Pastor Michael

Last week I spent several days with my mom.  Her Alzheimer’s is progressing.  We moved her from one floor in the facility where she lives to another floor where she may receive more care.  As her memory fails, on the walls of her new living space we put signs that repeatedly reminded her that this was her room, this was her closet, this was her bathroom.  When the nurse came in, she asked how many children she had and what were their names.   My mom paused, trying to count in her mind.  After a while, she said she had 1 daughter and 3 sons, then slowly she called the names of my siblings and me 1 by 1.  Small victories.


Numbers are important when they represent people.  Here are some numbers I am grateful for.

12 students and sponsors who participated in last weekend’s middle school retreat

30 people who participated in last weekend’s Celebrate Recovery ministry

90 people who served in last weekend’s JourneyCares initiative, seeking to show the love of Christ in our community

198 people who have so far this year been entered into Journey’s database as new attenders

309 people who have so far this year participated in a Journey Group, seeking to deepen in their faith

320 people who have so far this year participated on a Serving Team, seeking to make a difference as they minister


Time and again recently there have been “God” moments in our church as the Holy Spirit moves.  Please pray and be actively engaged as the Lord is at work in our midst to transform the lives of more and more numbers of people.  It is our calling and our privilege.