On the Journey

Pastor James

Does God Really Win?


I sat speechless in front of my television last weekend watching news about yet another act of evil-fueled violence against peaceful Jewish worshippers. This shooting seemed to cap off a week of crime and came on the heels of at least twelve attempted mail bombings across the country. I have also noticed that some of our friends and neighbors seem very anxious about the upcoming elections. So, my mind began spinning again on Psalm 73, where the writer looks at how evil people seem to prosper and never come to justice. Why would God allow that to happen? Will God really win over evil?


It is difficult to make sense out of the senseless. Nonetheless, I have heard numerous explanations of the recent uptick in violence. Some politicize the crimes and say that political ideologies are the root cause of modern violence. Others blame a perceived decline in moral values in American culture and offer that “if we could just get back to the way it used to be, then all will be good again.” Still others just throw their hands up and say, “It is what it is.” My personal feeling is that the violence may have something to do with politics or a decline in moral values, but it ultimately comes down to our thinking and behavior concerning God.


I have a friend who says, “Every problem is a spiritual one.” I tend to agree with her. For instance, Jesus said that violence towards our neighbors begins in the heart. Even things like adultery begin with a lustful look. The apostle James said that our desires are what brings forth sin. God seems to be very concerned about how we think and then ultimately how we act regarding him. Our thinking and actions are connected.


During the month of November, Pastor Michael and I will be teaching on this very important topic. We’ve named our series “Spoiler Alert: God Wins.” We’re going to talk about how to make sense of the senseless and develop in both your thinking about and your relationship with God in order to have freedom from bondage to the anxiety that desires to grip us in uncertain times. 


See you Sunday!


Pastor James