On the Journey

Pastor James

I have to share a great, true story with you. I received a text late Sunday evening from one of my best friends about his son, Parker. Parker is one of the coolest kids you will ever meet, but he has significant disabilities that keep him mostly confined to a special motorized chair.


Parker’s disabilities do not stop him from being a great kid. Parker is also quite smart and bright. In fact, he loves people and will give you the sweetest smiles when you greet him. I just love hanging out with him when we get time. Our families played together last summer in a special playground where Parker even got to go down slides and enjoy things that most of the other kids with better mobility can do.


Parker’s parents, however, had a rough road of finding a church home until last year. They finally found a church family that had an openness to them, and this has made all the difference in Parker’s life and family. In fact, his father—who is incredibly gifted musically—is now singing with the church’s band, and I am so thrilled to hear about how God is working in their lives.


So, let’s get back to the text message. The message let me know that Parker had prayed to become a Jesus-follower! The church will even be outfitting him with special gear for baptism in about a month.


In a time like this, when we are constantly bombarded with bad news from the world, remember that God is still at work, and God’s people are doing some incredible things. May God continue to use Journey, as well, for all the Parkers and their families who are right around us.


Pastor James