On the journey

Pastor James

September 11, 2018

God is absolutely at work among us! Last Friday, Celebrate Recovery launched with thirty-five participants. What a blessing to hear feedback from people about how God’s Spirit is already transforming their lives through CR. Then on Sunday, we launched the much-anticipated series called “Life’s Healing Choices.” This series will run through October 28. Also, many of our Journey Groups are resuming after summer breaks. I get the sense that God is giving our church a push of momentum! Now is certainly an opportune time not only to get involved but also to invite others to experience CR, our weekly worship, and Journey Groups.


The recent surge of momentum has reminded me recently of the biblical truth that discipleship is not just an event or a program. Discipleship, simply put, is the daily action of following and becoming like Jesus. Being a disciple is essentially being a student of Jesus and walking as Jesus walked. So, discipleship is not something you do. Discipleship is a pathway, or journey. Notice how many times in the Four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) that Jesus says, “Come, follow me.” This is God’s invitation to the discipleship journey.


Consider then that the momentum in our church is another one of God’s wonderful ways of calling us to the great journey of being a student of Jesus. Are you up for the adventure of your life? Let’s follow God on the journey! 

Pastor James