On the JOurney

Pastor Michael

In the last eleven years Journey Church has had 20 persons serve as pastoral interns, worship interns, youth interns, children’s interns.  Where in the world are they?  Literally, they have been around the world.  They have served as missionaries in other countries, have led one of the largest university Christian campus ministries in Virginia, worked in the administration of Christian colleges, ministered on church staffs and the staff of a Rescue Mission, served on Christian youth camp staffs, started their own businesses (and almost half of them are still in college.)


Why does Journey pour into young leaders?  As our strategic plan says:  “We prioritize leadership development as crucial to the effective accomplishment of Christ’s mission to which we have committed our lives.  We celebrate that God has gifted and called every person on this planet to make a positive difference in our world.   We affirm all people have leadership abilities.”


Journey is expanding our church’s partnership with the Roanoke Rescue Mission to work cooperatively to enable people to become the leaders God created them to be.  We are starting a new initiative called “Unleash Leadership”.  On the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. people in our community are invited to come to the Rescue Mission where we will watch a video presentation by a world-class leader and then get into small groups and discuss how we may develop our own leadership abilities. 


Whatever your age, would you be interested in coming to a gathering of Unleash Leadership?  If so, email me here.  I hope you’ll want to be a part of this effort to equip and unleash servant leaders!


Pastor Michael