Journey is committed to making disciples.  We want people to embrace life-altering faith in Jesus, after whom we passionately pattern our lives.  We seek to create opportunities for people to wrestle with spiritual questions in exploring faith.  Below are tools we find helpful in Bible study and spiritual development.

  • The Bible Project

    A non-profit that produces animated videos to make the biblical story accessible to anyone.  Click here to check out The Bible Project.


    A website designed to allow easy reading, listening, studying, searching, and sharing of the Christian Bible in over 150 different translations and languages.  Click here to explore   

  • RightNow Media

    An online video-based resource of over 15,000 studies for Christian development geared toward groups, married couples, families, singles, students, children and leaders.  Subscription to this resource is our gift to you and is 100% free.  Click here to register for RightNow Media.   

  • Bible Lens App

    An app that transforms your everyday photos into profound, Biblically-based, artistic, shareable images.  It detects not only objects in your photo, but more importantly, the Biblical themes of the moment that photo captured…and then suggests Bible verses to match!  Click here to download the Bible Lens App.   

  • YouVersion App

    An online and mobile Bible platform.  Click here to download the YouVersion App.