Have you recently asked yourself, “How can I make a greater impact for Jesus?” We may experience difficulty when we try to figure out exactly what we can do for God. We desire to accomplish so many good things but seemingly have little time in which to do them. The sheer amount of human need around us can be frightening and daunting. How then may we meet some of the challenges of our day and make a lasting contribution for God’s kingdom?


I recently read a greatly encouraging book called The Church as Movement by JR Woodward and Dan White Jr. In the book they mention three “C’s” to finding greater clarity in what we should do daily to impact others positively as followers of Jesus. I found the three C’s so helpful that I would like to share them with you.


  • Communion:  This “C” has to do with our relationship with God. A good question to ask ourselves regarding communion is: “What is God’s Spirit doing in me?” We are essentially talking about a self-assessment of our relationship with God. In other words, are we developing in our communication with the Lord? If so, we will find greater clarity in God’s direction to us.
  • Community: This “C” has to do with our relationships with others. God will often use the Christian community not only to build us up with encouragement but also to challenge us to know our blind spots. Developing maturity as a Christian comes in our interactions with a community of disciples/followers of Jesus. There are no lone ranger Christians.
  • Co-Mission: This “C” has to do with our unique gifts and personality styles. In other words, is there a ministry that God is inviting you to do? What is it that makes you uniquely qualified for a certain ministry? Paul said that the church is one body with many parts. We cannot all do everything, but we can do as the Spirit guides and leads us.


Let’s remember the three C’s this week as we celebrate the cross and the resurrection of Jesus!


-James Hassell