A Beatles’ song begins with these words:  “You say you want a revolution.  Well, you know, we all want to change the world.”  As God’s church celebrated the resurrection of Jesus on Easter, I’ve thought about how that divine intervention into human affairs launched a spiritual revolution that was intended to change the world—and at this time in our culture, a spiritual revolution is desperately needed.


New York Times columnist David Brooks writes of this in saying:  “We’ve created a culture based on lies.”  Five of them, to be specific.  Here they are:


1.  Career success is fulfilling.  But such success “alone does not provide positive peace or fulfillment.  If you build your life around it, your ambitions will always race out in front of what you’ve achieved, leaving you anxious and dissatisfied.”


2.  I can make myself happy.  This is the lie of self-sufficiency and the deception that happiness is an individual accomplishment.  By contrast, “happiness is found amid thick and loving relationships.  It is found by defeating self-sufficiency for a state of mutual dependence.  It is found in the giving and receiving of care.”


3.  Life is an individual journey.  People who live best invest in people and community.  Then, “by planting themselves in one neighborhood, one organization or one mission, they earn trust.  They have the freedom to make a lasting difference.  It’s the chains we choose that set us free.”


4.  You have to find your own truth.  “The reality is that values are created and passed down by strong, self-confident communities and institutions.”


5.  Rich and successful people are worth more than poorer and less successful people.  This lie claims that “you are what you accomplish” and that “if you perform well, people will love you.”


We’ve taken the lies of hyper-individualism, and we’ve made them the unspoken assumptions that govern how we live.  We need a cultural revolution, but even more we need a spiritual revolution. 


How are you actively seeking for Jesus to change your life in a revolutionary way so that you may change the world by being the love of Jesus in a self-centered, broken world?