On Sunday our church celebrated the baptism of persons who have committed their lives to Jesus.  Here are parts of their life-change stories:


“Before I trusted Christ, I was spiritually dead.  I hung out with the wrong people which led to my addiction to heroin and cocaine.  I engaged in illegal activity to support my addiction.  I led a lonely life.  Since deciding to follow Christ, he has humbled me.  He has shown me a new light.  I have a true friend now.  I find myself happy.  Because I talk to God, I am aware of when something isn’t good.  I have integrity which I’ve never had.  I’m able to work on loving myself which gets better with time.  I can hold my head up high.”


“Before I trusted Christ, my life was a self will run riot.  I had become suicidal.  I was depressed and had lost hope.  I decided to trust Christ by surrendering and turning my life over to His care.  Since deciding to follow Christ, I have so much hope today.  I see now that when I was miserable and in the dark, I was taking everything for granted.  His will for me is to be happy, joyous and free.”


“Before I trusted Christ, my life was reckless, out of control, angry.  Since deciding to follow Christ, my life is much happier, content, full of love instead of anger.”


“Before I trusted Christ, I was unhappy, had no love for myself, used extreme amounts of drugs, did ungodly things to buy drugs.  I decided to surrender to Jesus.  I found he works when I cannot.  I no longer have to hide, be unhappy, be driven by drugs.  I am now driven by the things of God.”

-Michael and James