100.  Yep, 100, as in years.  Today Aunt Mimi celebrates her 100th birthday! 


That puts her in the top 1% demographically (I could have told you she was in the top 1% of the population as a person—at least that’s my opinion!)


Aunt Mimi is loving and kind.  She is caring and generous.  She has a precious laugh.  She is thoughtful and still is of clear mind.  In so many ways, she is amazing.


For many years, check that, for many, many years, she has been a woman of genuine faith.  Her life has reflected the compassion and caring of Jesus toward people.  Her gentleness, her soft-spoken ways, her commitment to live in a way that is Godly has been a testimony to her Christian commitment.


Psalm 90:12 says:  “Teach us to number our days so that we may truly live and achieve wisdom.” (VOICE)  Aunt Mimi has had a whole lot of days to number, but I can say that she has truly lived in a way that has brought joy to people as she has shared wisdom with them.  Today I celebrate the life of Aunt Mimi!