With all the bad (or at the least the not so good) that’s seems to be going on around us, wouldn’t it be nice to hear something good?  I’ve got you!


Our Journey family gave over $3,000 worth of items for students and educators at Cloverdale Elementary School and Read Mountain Middle School and Northside High School!


Many of our adult Journey Groups have been meeting outside for fellowship and discipleship—and for ice cream treats!


Our Youth Group has been gathering outside weekly for worship, discipleship, fun activities—and lots of pizza!


Our entire church is starting a study of the New Testament book of James in September—what we’re going to learn I truly believe is desperately needed in our families and community and country at this time (see below for more info).


Our outdoor baptism  of Mandi Hopper and Linda Kincy at Loch Haven Lake was so meaningful!  Here are parts of their life change stories:


“Before I trusted Jesus, life was like a routine.  I focused on material things and people.  I wasn’t happy with myself or anything else.  Since deciding to follow Christ, I stopped focusing on material things.  It helped me stop being sad.  My life is renewed now.”


“Before I trusted Jesus, I had lost myself in the world, running with the wrong people.  Jesus has been with me through my bad and good times.  Jesus has opened my eyes to the fact that I must give up my old life and lead a new life with him.  Jesus’ love has sustained me.”