It’s hard to believe! The 20th anniversary of Journey’s first worship service will be in October!  To celebrate, our church family is being challenged to do what we always do—be the love of Jesus!  Everyone who is a part of our church family is urged for our 20th anniversary to engage in 20 Acts of Kindness during the month of October.  You get to decide what they will be!  Please begin praying now about how you will share the love of God in this way.


From the start, our church has been committed to transforming lives by the power of Christ’s love.  In upcoming e-newsletters, life-change stories by persons baptized by our church will be shared.  Here are several:


My Story


“Before I truly trusted Christ, I took the burden on myself of believing that I was in control of my life and my life’s issues.  I stayed stressed and unhappy all of the time.  I didn’t understand that my own measures weren’t going to determine my destiny.


I decided that I would trust Christ and to let him lead me to what the true purpose of life is.  I finally accepted the fact that all people are sinners and are capable of being forgiven, and this applied to me.


I still face many obstacles in life; many are internal conflicts.  However, by deciding to follow Christ, I have a renewed sense of hope.  I trust that whatever the outcome is, as long as I live for Christ, it will be the outcome that is meant to be.


My life is different because of the new friendships that I have made with other Christ followers that bless my life with fellowship, but most of all with reassurance and guidance.  More and more I realize that people get through their day by their reliance on Christ to see them through.”


My Story


“Before I trusted Christ, it seemed like whatever I did to be happy in life was short-lived.  I soon was back to feeling like something was missing.  I turned to alcohol to fill that void.  It would disappear for a short time, then the next day I would be right back where I started.


When I trusted Christ, the empty feeling I had disappeared.  I found joy in my life when I realized what I was missing was my relationship with Christ.


Since deciding to follow Christ, a lot of the anger I had from feeling lost and empty is gone.  My relationship with my family is greatly improved.  I’ve learned to put my trust in Christ to take care of the hardships in my life instead of trying to do it on my own.”


My Story


“Before I trusted Christ, I never read the Bible or went to church at all.  I became a drug addict.  Not caring and non-loving became a way of life for me.  My heart became scarred and cold, and my life was a roller coaster of ups and downs.  Living my life outside of God’s grace for so many years has taught me how to manipulate, lie, and steal for the sole purpose of pleasing myself.  Getting what I wanted was all I cared about.


I now have given my life over to Jesus and know I have been forgiven.  He has shown me how God’s grace and love can repair my cold heart.  I now feel the warmth of God’s love and the hope of a new beginning.


With time, I know God will help me get better as he already has.  I pray to Jesus to help me make the right choices and to forgive me when I make mistakes.  Knowing for sure that there is a God has changed my life.  I want to tell the world what I have found—God loves you!”