Confession time: I have a weakness for Kit Kats. It is next to impossible to stop eating these bars of chocolate goodness. I thank the Lord that none may be found in my house at the moment because I would surely consume many more Kit Kats than is nutritionally acceptable. Yet, why is it that every time I think of a Kit Kat (which may be more than once a day) I also think of the catchy advertising jingle: “Give me a break. Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar?” I call this jingle an “earworm,” a pithy song that gets stuck on endless replay in my head.


Recently I found out that God can even use advertising jingles. The Kit Kat earworm was playing in my head the other day for about the 1000th time when I started thinking about the word “break.” We all need breaks, as in time to rest from our everyday hectic schedules and responsibilities. In fact, God hard-wired all of us to take breaks. Did you know that even God is capable of taking breaks? In the very first story of the Bible, God rested from his creative activity after six days simply in order to sit back and enjoy the fruits of God’s labor. Later in the Old Testament, God commends the practice of “Sabbath” to his followers. Sabbath is a period of resting, or literally taking a day off, in order to rest and recreate. We know that Jesus himself practiced Sabbath. The Bible writers tell us that Jesus often got away to pray and be by himself.


Many of us are entering a season of the year where we are not thinking about breaks. School is starting, fall schedules are ramping up, and it seems like the busy train won’t come to a stop until around Christmas. However, I would encourage you to give yourself a break. If God recommends a day off per week for worship and rest, then you can bet that this practice is good for you! How, then, can you alter your schedule this week? How can you simply take some time off to worship and pray? Maybe you can even take a few minutes to enjoy a Kit Kat! I won’t tell anyone!