According to Feiler’s research, the average person experiences a life “disruptor” every twelve to eighteen months and a “lifequake” (one big event or multiple disruptors at the same time) three to five times in adulthood.


In addition, he reports, the average worker today will hold twelve different jobs before the age of fifty.  Those with higher education can expect to change their jobs fifteen times and alter their skill set three times.  The typical job now lasts four years; among those under thirty-five years of age, it drops to three.


To navigate such a changing, chaotic world, Feiler believes we need agency (“the belief that you can impact the world around you”), belonging (“a community that surrounds and nurtures you”), and a cause (“a transcendent commitment beyond yourself that makes your life worthwhile”).


That sounds like what the Christian life is about!


How are you and I doing in being agents of God’s life-transforming love to impact the world around us in spite of and in the midst of the challenges that face us in our changing world?


How are you and I doing in actively belonging to a community of faith that connects us in life affirming and joy producing relationships that encourage and support us?


How are you and I doing in actively embracing the cause of the Kingdom of God that gives our lives eternal significance?