Which Way Will We Go?

I’m that guy who watches commercials. I know, that’s probably not the best use of time. But commercials can give us so much insight into our culture and how we can share Jesus with others. For instance, I saw a commercial the other day about something called Google Translator. The folks at Google created something that can translate 100 other languages for us English speakers. Think about the potential to share the love of Jesus without having to learn 100 new languages!


There is however one downside that I see to Google Translator. It is the penchant for us to play God. Isn’t that the oldest temptation? The serpent tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden by suggesting she and Adam could be just like God. It strikes me that a Google translator not only could be used to share the gospel but also could be used to manipulate and gain control of others. Let’s not forget the power of human emotion and physical presence, as well. Which path will we choose?


Let me give you an example. Journey recently hosted a “Grief and Grace” service for those dealing with grief and loss over the holidays. The service was powerful and so helpful. God’s presence came and guided us. No piece of technology could translate the love and hope of Christ in the way the Holy Spirit does through those who love and follow Jesus. Google may be able to translate a language, but it can’t translate God.


We need this time of year (and any time for that matter!) to tune in to the Holy Spirit. God will give us the strength and grace we need so desperately. One of the main gospel messages of Christmas is that God is with us! Let us ask ourselves then if we are with God. Let him use you to be the translator of the Jesus way.


Merry Christmas, Journey Family!