Mike Glenn has written that Christmas is when God calls our bluff.


Old Testament prophets begged God, “How long?”  How long until you come and save us?  How long until you make things new?  How long until you return and finish all You, O God, have begun? 


After all of these years, we’re still waiting...and waiting...and waiting.


But when Jesus gets here, we’re going to finally deal with that long held grudge that has been weighing down our soul.  We’re going to forgive all of those who have wronged us.


We’re going to work on our marriage.

We’re going to love our neighbors.

We’re actually going to make friends with people who are different from us.

We’re going to get engaged in our local school and work with the homeless in our city.


Just wait until Jesus gets here.


We celebrate Christmas with the unbelievable news that Jesus has come.  While we’re still trying to get over that, the reality that Jesus is indeed here—now we have to figure out what we will do.


We’ve made all kinds of plans...made all kinds of promises...when Jesus gets here, then, we’ll get serious about life.


We celebrate the surrender of Mary to God’s will, the courage of Joseph to believe what he can’t explain, and all the rest.  Yet, in that small stable in Bethlehem, God comes in the infant Jesus and calls our bluff.


We know our world is broken.  It’s not just the pandemic.  It’s everything.


Being quarantined pushed many of us deeper into our loneliness and despair.  Social media is great, but it can’t hold your hand when you’re lonely.


It’s how broken our marriages are.  Being together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week pushed many of our families to the very brink.


This broken world is why Jesus came.  It’s why you and I are called.  We’re sent by Christ into His broken world to redeem it in the love and grace of His kingdom.


It’s not a matter of knowing what to do.  We know what to do.


And we’re going to do it.  Just as soon as Jesus gets here


Jesus is here.  God has called our bluff.  What will we do now?  Now that Jesus is here?