When I was a prison chaplain, I met Billy Graham and Chuck Colson who preached to the inmates with whom I ministered.  Colson, once known as President Nixon’s “hatchet man”, was one of the Watergate Seven and pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice.  He served seven months in federal prison.


Colson became a Christian, and his mid-life conversion sparked a radical life change that led to the founding of the non-profit ministry Prison Fellowship.


Among the things that Colson said, this is one that I’ve been reflecting on:  “The kingdom of God will not arrive on Air Force One, no matter who is occupying it.”


With all the challenges that are taking place in America right now, how would you respond to the question:  “Where can Christians find hope in these hard days?”


Jim Denison has said there are places where we should not base our hope:  “We have learned in the last year that medical science, for all its contributions to our lives, cannot prevent new viruses or protect us from all existing diseases and disasters.  Technological advances cannot prevent the spread of digital misinformation, conspiracy theories, and pornography.  Political leaders and parties cannot solve all the challenges of our fallen world and sometimes make them worse.”


Our hope is in the Kingdom of God being worked out and being lived out in the lives of followers of Jesus.  In this week of a new President being inaugurated in America, I am in agreement with Colson:  “The kingdom of God will not arrive on Air Force One, no matter who is occupying it.”  I will be putting my trust in Christ who is the basis of my hope.