I have lately been reading books by some theological heavyweights. One of these impressive theologians was Emil Brunner. Dr. Brunner had the unique capacity to take vague and philosophical ideas and turn them into understandably relevant practices. For example, consider this statement: “We cannot make the smallest decision save in the light of a superior purpose.” This is a brilliant way of saying that our lives and decisions come from a place deep inside us.

So, the question is: “What drives you,” or “What is your purpose?” Today’s world tells us that we can choose from a buffet of philosophies and motives which in turn drives our behavior. One selection this buffet line is called “naturalism,” in which we behave in ways to pursue peak individual happiness. Another selection is called “idealism,” which dictates that we pursue duty for duty’s sake, regardless of our personal enjoyment. There are a few other selections of note: Hedonism, which dictates that we should do whatever feels good, and there is also Rationalism, which purposes that we should do whatever makes the most sense to you at any given time. Which one of these ideas drive you? Is there another choice?

Fortunately for us, we don’t have to be bound by any of these philosophical selections. There is a purpose far superior to any given by the world. Let’s hear from Dr. Brunner again: “To let God have his way means to base my life, in its depths, on Jesus Christ.” If your purpose is to base your life on Jesus Christ, then this purpose will affect every one of your decisions.

How does such a thing truly work? Jesus’ answer is simple. He repeatedly says, “Come, follow me.” You purpose your life on Christ by following him. Practically, this means growing in a prayerful, biblically based relationship with Jesus. It also involves something called “repentance.” Repentance simply means “turning around.” It is a turning from all other worldly philosophies and purposes in order to pursue the way of Christ.

If you are struggling with your purpose today, then I pray that you would listen closely as Jesus calls your name and says, “Come, follow me.”

- James