James Hassell, Co-Pastor

Nerd Alert!! I officially would like to declare that I am a nerd about many things: substantive books, lengthy theological discussions, serious movies, and even Star Trek. I grew up watching both the “old” Star Trek series with Captain Kirk and “The Next Generation.” Our family would stop down in order to watch these shows. A recent sense of nostalgia led me to rediscover “The Next Generation” series on Netflix, which I am now binge watching over the summer.

I’ve discovered that the writers, even of a so-called “nerdy show,” went to great lengths in having characters experience deeply distressing ethical and theological quandaries. For instance, a few weeks ago, I watched a particularly compelling episode dealt with the reality of death. I suppose this series has great appeal to me because the writers seem to ask more questions than giving patented cultural answers. They clearly intend for audiences to struggle and debate pressing life issues.

Friends, I’m grateful to be a part of a church which is open to questions and deep spiritual/theological struggles. At Journey, we believe that we don’t have to be experts in all things. We also believe wholeheartedly however that Jesus Christ is the perfect revealing of God, and God’s Word is completely relevant. As we seek to walk as Jesus walked, we will mature in our faith and seek understanding from the light that pours forth from the Bible. I encourage you today to keep asking, seeking, and knocking on God’s door with your questions and struggles. He hears you and is like a great Father who gives his hungry children the bread that they need.

- James