Here are parts of the life-change stories of several people from Journey who have committed their lives to Jesus and were baptized:

My Story

Before I trusted Jesus, my life was dark, lonely and without purpose. I was an atheist. In deciding to trust Jesus I had a spiritual experience that could not be explained away. Some call it an epiphany. I experienced God. Since beginning to follow Jesus, my life is happy. I have found a purpose now. The Holy Spirit is a constant companion.

My Story

Before I trusted Jesus, my life was broken. I had suffered a tragic loss. I didn’t know a lot about Jesus. I didn’t know what to do with my life. I felt alone. I had to start all over by myself. In deciding to trust Christ, I was scared, but knew he was with me through the good and bad. Journey Church helped me understand Jesus and what he did for me. I have healed since joining Journey. Trusting Jesus has made me more patient, understanding and happy, knowing he is in my life forever. I strive to live my life like Jesus did.

My Story

Before I trusted Jesus, I took things for granted and didn’t worry about consequences. I didn’t think of the people or myself that I was hurting. After going to Journey and hearing people’s stories about what Jesus has done for us, I started trusting in him and that he would be there for me anytime. Since deciding to follow Jesus, I feel more free. I know that following Jesus is the right way to go in my life.