What is the Gospel…Really?


As I write this post, I am sitting in the smack-dab middle of a local coffee shop. The smells of coffee and tea are amazing, and the room is full of people having significant conversations. For instance, at one table two nursing students interact as they diligently study their notes. A test is obviously imminent for them. At another table, a person is going through a job interview and being told that, if she gets the job, it is imperative that she proofread posts before they go live on Facebook. Yet another group of people discuss the career paths of students, perhaps their children. They seriously discuss why one of the students was struggling with an interaction with a Southern Baptist minister.


And there it is…it doesn’t take long to find spiritual conversation, even in a local coffee shop. All of the people around me discuss significant issues of life, and there is a natural—if not conscious—recognition of deeper forces at work. Inside of us all, there is a deep need for God. It is natural because God put the need inside us. This experience reminds me of the calling upon followers of Jesus to share the gospel with people. But what is the gospel?


The gospel, simply put, is good news. But this good news surpasses the feel-good stories of our day. The gospel of Jesus Christ is more than a passing fancy. In fact, the Apostle Paul referred to the gospel of Christ as a mystery. The mystery, in a nutshell, is that while we were slaves to sin, Jesus Christ died for our sin, he was buried, and God raised Jesus from the dead (see 1 Corinthians 15). Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice to rescue us from the ultimate consequence of sin, which is death. Why God would do this for us is, indeed, a mystery! But what a great mystery, isn’t it? How fathomless is God’s love?


On the next four Thursdays, starting March 28, I will be discussing the gospel of Jesus Christ in a series of brief Facebook Live messages on the Journey Church Facebook page. Join us live at noon each Thursday or check out the videos at your convenience. It’s always a great time to share the gospel.


-James Hassell