What is “Lent?” We’ve been using this term in recent days around Journey, and we have even developed a packet about Lent called “An Easter Journey.” So, what does Lent mean?

I did not hear of this term until I was in high school and had a vague idea that Lent was some sort of time when people gave up certain foods and habits. Fortunately, Lent is more than what I first thought. Lent is a season of the year between Ash Wednesday (March 6) and Easter Sunday (April 21). Simply defined, Lent is a time for preparing for Easter. Many Christians from all denominations around the world participate in Lent in different ways. For instance, some Christians fast from eating certain foods and take more time to pray. Some Christians read through a book of the Bible. Others may set aside certain distractions for more time with family.

There are no hard and fast rules for Lent. It is not meant to be ritualistic but realistic and practical. We encourage you to pray that God would show you some ways that you may prepare for Easter. In fact, you may download a pdf version of “An Easter Journey.”  The packet has a number of options and ideas for your Lent observance this year. We hope that this season of the year will be encouraging and filled with hope as we anticipate the joy again that comes from celebrating Jesus’ resurrection!