About ten years ago, the European Journal of Social Psychology published a study about how long it takes for people to form a new habit. They concluded that new habits become “automatic” between 18 and 254 days. In other words, sticking to our goals can be daunting and take more time than we think. For instance, how many of us haven’t been to the gym since February? I won’t answer that one for me!


When it comes to growing in our faith, the Bible’s teachings spur us on to develop good habits, or disciplines. For some people, developing these habits come quickly and rather easily. For others, spiritual discipleship takes some time. Yet, no matter the rate at which you grow in your faith, the point is to keep growing! We are not in a competition with others to see who is a super hero Christian. With these things in mind, here are some helpful ways to develop healthy spiritual growth habits.


First, set aside time for daily prayer. Prayer is communication and communion with God. The most helpful model of prayer is the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13). Many helps are available for helping you to pray. I would encourage to pick a time daily for prayer, and eliminate distractions such as checking your phone. Try it out for at least three weeks. It is helpful to journal down some thoughts or prayers that you see being answered, as well.


Second, choose a project to put your faith into practice. Journey partners with so many great Christ-focused organizations and people. In fact, you could fill out a “serving survey” at one of the church info tables on Sunday at Northside High School and turn it into a drop box. Our staff will be encouraged to help you find a meaningful place of service.


Third, find a small group in the Journey family with whom you can gather for fellowship and healthy spiritual conversation. Some of the best ministry in our church is done around tables in homes of our Journey Groups. Click here to see how you can connect with one of these groups. Journey Groups can truly become your extended family.

- James Hassell