Feeding America Southwest Virginia, an organization committed to fighting hunger in our area, recently released a startling report. Their findings indicate that one in six children in Southwest Virginia are “food insecure.”* Food insecurity means that people have lack of access to affordable or nutritious food. The report also states that about thirteen million children are food insecure in the United States.


What does this report mean for you and me? Throughout the Bible, we find that God not only teaches but also commands us to take care of those who do not have resources, including the hungry. For instance, one of Jesus’ priorities was “proclaiming good news to the poor” (Luke 4:18). Also, in Acts, we read about how the first Christians ensured the effectiveness of a food distribution ministry (Acts 6).


The work of Jesus continues in us, the Body of Christ, as the Holy Spirit leads us to share our resources with those who are food insecure. In fact, Feeding America is one of Journey’s Community Partners. Your tithes ensure that we can lower the amount of hungry kids. But perhaps the Holy Spirit is tugging at you to do more than give. As we approach the summer months, let’s remember that many children can’t count on meals that they usually get at school. Let’s be aware of how God may be moving us to share his grace at dinner tables all around us.


Click here to view the full Feeding America Southwest Virginia report.