“What does Journey mean to you?” was asked in a survey of our church.  Here’s what some of you said!


“It is my source, comfort and strength.”  “Journey helped turn Roanoke from a place where I live to my home.”  “Journey has been our ongoing anchor of love and support.” 


“Nourishment for my soul and a place of community.”  “I have always considered Journey a very important part of my life, BUT I MISS IT SO MUCH MORE THAN I THOUGHT I WOULD.”


“A loving community of faith that is my family.”  “Place to feel like you can be yourself.”  “My place to recharge spiritually.”  “Love and kindness.” 


“My sanity.”  “It is a lifeline.”  “Spiritual center.”  “Where you learn how to apply the Bible to everyday life and grow in your faith.”


“I love Journey Church and can’t imagine it not being a big part of my life.”  “A loving and spiritual place to worship that makes me feel whole again.” “My JESUS BOOST that I need.  LOVE.  ENCOURAGEMENT.”


“Journey Church has changed my life so much, and I am a better person.  I’m happy to tell people that I am a member.”  “I found my spiritual home here.”  “Comfort, support, a safe space.”  “People at Journey truly care for one another.”


“Awesome church where everyone is welcome.”  “It renews my faith every week.”  “It’s what keeps me balanced and my life on track.  Without Journey I would be lost in life.”


“The most genuine, Christlike church.”  “A community to love and who loves me.”  “Where I feel accepted, loved and cared for in multiple ways by wonderful people.” 


“The face of God.”  “It changed my life.”  “I have friends for life because of Journey.”


I love Journey Church!  It’s the GREATEST!!!