Sometimes I feel small in this world.  The problems around me seem far too big—much bigger than I am.  What impact can I possibly have on poverty, on addiction, on loneliness, or on this dreadful COVID-19?


The other day, I heard someone tell this story . . .


“There once was a man who was walking along the beach with a friend.  As they walked along, the friend would stop every so often, pick up a starfish, and throw it back into the ocean so the starfish wouldn’t die.

The man said to the friend: ‘Why are you doing that?  There are thousands of starfish on this beach.  You’re not going to be able to really make a difference.’

The friend just smiled, reached down, picked up another starfish, tossed it into the ocean, turned to him, and said: ‘Made a difference to that one!’”

I may not be able to wipe out poverty, addiction, loneliness or COVID-19, but I can make a difference.   


This week I will be volunteering at the Roanoke Rescue Mission.  Who is with me?  Please email at jackietaylor@journeyconnection.com or text me at 540.632.1535 if you’d like to serve with me.  I plan to go on Saturday, but if you are unavailable at that time, contact me so we could arrange another time to go together.

Let’s be world changers!