Tony Morgan has identified four indicators of churches who are primed to experience growth:


1) The focus is outward.

These churches are unashamedly doing whatever it takes to reach people outside their walls.  They want others to experience community and are going to do what it takes to break down barriers.


2) Creativity and innovation are expected.

Church staff desperately want to reach the unchurched.  They are going to think outside of the box to do so.  Change and innovation go hand in hand, which can lead to growth. 


3) The vision is starting to come into focus.

Understanding the specifics of where a church wants their ministry to go in the future is crucial to the health of a ministry.  We should always leave room for God to work.  However, God works best through our preparation.  By setting goals and creating a plan to get there, a church will likely experience progress towards making vision a reality.


4) Leadership is given away.

As a church experiences growth, they begin to understand that one person cannot call all of the shots.  With more people, there is an added dynamic of logistics, ministry, services and experience.  Healthy leaders understand the importance of giving away sole leadership for the increased health of the church.


So, Journey Church, how do you think we’re doing?  Click here to download Journey’s strategic plan as a reminder of the goals our church has set.