A prayer at election time . . .


Lord, may we always remember that your kingdom is not of this world but of the world that’s coming and is not yet here.


May we see our participation in the world—all of our callings and activities—as a participation in bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth.


Lord, may we resist the temptation to place ultimate trust in any person, policy, party, movement, or nation.


May we remember that all politics, and all platforms, and all leaders are temporary.


Lord, may we discover our role in the just and merciful governance of the world which God made good and pursue that cosmos-converting vocation with love amid the world’s brokenness.


May we have strength and determination and wisdom as we love our neighbor and our enemy as Christ has loved us, seeking to bring justice, mercy, and lasting peace to the world.


Lord, may we comprehend that our salvation is not dependent on whom we vote for in an election, or in whether we vote, and that we are under no biblical or theological or moral obligation to vote for a person or party or proposal or initiative if that vote violates our conscience.


May we have empathy for the political decisions of others that we find troubling—particularly those of family and close friends.  May we have ears to hear what lies at the heart of their political concerns, and eyes to see the noble but imperfect search for goodness that’s motivating their choice, especially if we strongly disagree with the candidate, party, or politics they support.


Lord, may we be grateful for the opportunity to participate in our government, and if we choose not to participate in the election, may we find ways to make that non-participation more than a protest.  May we act to help and protect the poor, oppressed, and defenseless.


May we realize that the Son of God sets us free even as we vote for whomever our conscience dictates, without anxiety or fear, for the Spirit the Father gives us does not make us timid but bestows on us power, love, and self-discipline.


Lord, may our posture toward every human leader be driven by respectful prayer, and where protest or nonviolent resistance is needed, may we have the courage to speak, oppose, and critique—in humility and charity—their ideas and actions that oppose Christ and his Kingdom.


May God grant us the grace to affirm the humanity—the image of God—in every political candidate and leader, and the civility to impartially and energetically embrace any pursuit of genuine human flourishing they propose.


Lord, may we perceive God’s love for creation in sending Jesus to embody a New Humanity and may we join in Christ’s care for the earth and all its creatures and resources.


May we trust that God is working behind the scenes of history to draw all things to a good and fitting and proper end with justice and mercy and may we take hope in that.  Amen.