Rick Bass writes to all who are caught up in our impatient, conflicted culture.  He says that a glacier is one of the most powerful forces in the world.  A glacier is formed by the falling of snow that collects over a period of time.  As the snow deepens, the weight compresses, ice forms, then more snow, then more ice, year after year—and nothing happens.  Nothing happens until the glacier is 64-feet thick.  Then it starts to move, and it becomes almost unstoppable.


One theory about the origin of glaciers is that they are “the result of a wobble, a hitch, in the earth’s rotation . . . . Glaciers get built or not built, simply, miraculously, because the earth is canting a single one-trillionth of a degree in this direction for a long period of time, rather than in that direction.”


Bass says that when he struggles with things that seem insignificant or futile, he reminds himself that little things matter.  He writes that if your heart leans just a few degrees to the left or the right, that with enough resolve, and enough time, a wobble one day may begin and become an unstoppable force.


You may think that what you do for Jesus may seem insignificant or futile.  It seems like you’re not making any difference at all.  But if your heart is committed to Christ, and you are resolved to be faithful, you can become a part of God’s moving that, though it may seem slow, is ultimately unstoppable.


Though we may be unsure and doubt, given the current climate of our culture, God will ultimately win out.  God’s movement in the world, through the church, the body of Christ, will ultimately triumph over selfishness and sin and pride and divisiveness and destructive anger.


Take hope in that, dear friends, take hope in that.


Pastor Michael