Revelation is the final book of the Bible and shows how God brings about an end to evil and prepares a new city of peace for God’s people.  The word translated as “revelation” comes from the Greek word apokalypsis, meaning a revealing or an unveiling.  Biblical apocalyptic writings speak to a time in which God rules and will win a final victory over evil and God will bring in a new creation in which all who have been faithful will live with God forever.


Revelation was written around the end of the first century A.D, a time when people under the domination of the Roman empire were ordered to worship emperors as gods.  Those who refused could be put to death.  In this context, Revelation shares with followers of Jesus a powerful message of hope that has three main parts.

1.  Evil forces are at work in the world, and Christians may suffer and die because of it.

2.  Jesus is Lord, and he will eventually conquer all people and powers—including the Roman Empire—that oppose God.

3.  God has wonderful rewards for those who remain faithful to the Lord, especially for those who lose their lives for serving Christ.


Last week people in the Foundations class I teach asked questions about Revelation.  Here are links to two resources I shared with them:


Introductory videos from the Bible Project


A free online college level class