Easter morning has come and gone.  It’s over, right?  Or should Easter rather be understood as an ongoing experience in the lives of all Christ-followers?


After Jesus was resurrected, he encountered two of his disciples on the road to Emmaus.  At first, they did not recognize who he was, but eventually they realized it was Jesus who was alive and active in the world, and they exclaimed:  “Weren’t our hearts on fire within us!”


All of us who claim to be followers of Jesus are to be Easter people.  Our hearts are to be on fire within us for the things of Jesus.  We are to embrace a holy enthusiasm of living all out for Christ every day of the year.


The resurrection of Jesus is not the ending of the gospel, the salvation story of God’s seeking to rescue all humanity from our sin and selfishness.  The story isn’t over.  The Holy Spirit continues to write the story of redemption through our lives on a daily basis, for the same Spirit who raised Christ from the dead lives in us. 


After appearing on the road to Emmaus, Jesus appears again.  He shows to his disciples his hands and feet which had been pierced by huge nails when he was crucified.  The scars of his crucifixion remained even after the resurrection.  He still carried with him the signs of the brokenness of this world.


We who are Easter people continually bear the marks of brokenness even though we experience the hope of the resurrection.  My prayer is that the sufferings and struggles of our lives will enable us to be more sensitive to the hurts of people as we live as wounded healers, seeking each day to share the never-failing love of Jesus in a world that desperately needs to experience it.