A news station in Tulsa, Oklahoma, reported that a man who was in mental distress was precariously dangling from a sign above I-244 for hours as onlookers worried he would jump to his death.  The man was convinced his life was worth living by a man named Rick Jewell who told him:  “God loves you, guy.”


The man had been up on the sign for nearly seven hours when Jewell began to tell him there was more to life and God loved him.  Jewell said that before he spoke to the man he prayed for 15 minutes, and he added:  “So, that had a lot to do with it, I’m sure.”


An onlooker, Trei Jackson, said about Jewell intervening:  “Ole’ boy told him that Jesus loves you, basically, and that you ain’t do no wrong, to come down, just ask for help.  He came down.”


The distressed man was scared about the future, about what he was going to be facing.  Who are the people you know who are struggling and uncertain about the future?  Who do you need to be praying for and tell that God loves them and there’s hope for their lives?  Who does God want you to reach out to and care for?  What will it take for you not to just be an onlooker but actually minister and serve?