Invite, Invite, Invite


Inviting friends to church used to be so awkward for me.  I remember getting up the courage and planning how I would ask someone.  I remember getting nervous and putting it off because the time just didn't seem right.  Then, if the person or family agreed to come, there was always the chance that they would not actually show up.  If they did come, there was always the chance that the message or music was not what they needed to hear at that time.  And then, it was crazy awkward if they never showed up and then avoided me for months.  Have you ever had that experience? 


Now with Journey Church Online it’s very easy to invite our friends to church!  The awkwardness has decreased to zero!  I recommend hitting the “Share” button on our Journey Church Facebook worship service every Sunday!  I recommend sending the worship service to specific friends through Facebook messenger every week!  I recommend copying the YouTube link and sending it through email or text to friends who need that particular message. 


You never know what an unchurched friend might be going through or when a specific message might be perfect for their situation.  Most of us are used to seeing friends post links to various articles or Facebook Live opportunities.  There’s no more awkwardness!  You are just providing an opportunity for your friends to try out a church service!


I also encourage you to look through your Facebook friends list in a prayerful manner, asking God to speak to you about whom to share the worship service with.  I believe that God can lead us to send a message to someone at a specific time.  I have sent many, many messages inviting friends to a Bible study or a worship service.  I have almost not sent an invite, but then I felt a nudge from God, and I sent it.  That person ended up coming!  I was surprised!  Want to be surprised by God?  Pray through your friends list!  Give your friends an opportunity!  Invite, Invite, Invite!


-Rhonda Hopper