My family recently took a trip to the beach.  As always, I was mesmerized by the sea grass growing from the dunes and the constant crash of the waves on the sandy shore.  It is hard to capture the scene’s beauty in words.  I love visiting the ocean.  Observing the vast ocean always makes me think of God.  I marvel at God’s creativity, His vastness, His ability.  I feel small in the presence of the Creator of this great universe and all that is beyond that which we know.


You and I are so small in comparison to God.  We are such a small speck in this grand and epic story of humanity on Earth.  The Bible describes our life as just a vapor—here today and gone tomorrow.  And yet, the great God of this universe cares deeply and immensely for each of us.

It can be hard to take in, that the God of this universe cares specifically for each of us.  The Bible tells us we are all made in His image.  He knows us all by name.  He even knows the number of hairs on our heads.  How incredible!


I sometimes wonder if I let God down.  I am a dedicated Jesus follower, but I know me, and I know that I still make mistakes every day.  I still fall short of God’s glorious standard, every day.  Does God get tired of forgiving me?  Does God get fed up with my shortcomings?  Am I just one more bad day away from God saying enough is enough?


As I watched the ocean waves rise and fall and crash against the shore again and again and again, the word “relentless” came to mind.  The ocean waves are relentless.  They do not tire, they do not stop, they just keep going.  They rise and fall, only to do it over, again and again.  They do not grow weary or stop—it is what they are—it is their nature.


As the ocean waves are relentless in their rise and fall, so our God is relentless in His love for us.  He made us.  Our human nature does not shock or surprise Him.  He chose to create us.  He chose to die for our sins and rise again to overcome the power of sin and death over us so that we can be one with Him.  He does not tire of loving us.  He just loves us.  It is who He is.  It is His very nature.  His love for you and me is relentless.  I hope this encourages you.


God is relentless in His love for each of us.  His hope and desire is that we become like Him more and more each day and develop a relentless love for Him and for others.  I admit it is easier to receive His love than to give my love to others.  God in His sacrificial love for us challenges us to extend that same unconditional, relentless, boundless love to others—and not just to those who deserve it (remember, none of us deserve God’s love).


We are to love those who hate us.  We are to love those who hurt us.  We are to love those who anger us.  We are to love those who betray us.  We are to love those who disagree with us.  We are to love those who make life difficult for us.


Jesus asked his followers, what good is it to only love those who love you?  As Jesus followers, as children of the God of this great universe, we are called to a perfect love, an uncommon love.  I hope this challenges you.


Today, how will you acknowledge, celebrate and appreciate God’s relentless love for you?  Today, how will you express that perfect and unconditional love to God and to others—especially those who are difficult to love?