We soon will enter Advent.  It’s a season that’s been observed by Christians for centuries.  It’s meant to be a time of expectancy, a time to celebrate the coming of Jesus into the world at Christmas.


The term “advent” comes from the Latin word “adventus”, which means “coming”.  For each Sunday of Advent, a candle is lit, representing hope, peace, joy, and love.


The first Sunday of Advent we will focus on hope.  As we do, I invite you to pray this prayer from Henri Nouwen:


Dear God,


I am full of wishes, full of desires, full of expectations.


Some of them may be realized, many may not, but in the midst of all my satisfactions and disappointments, I hope in you.


I know that you will never leave me alone and will fulfill your divine promises.


Even when it seems that things are not going my way, I know that they are going your way and that in the end your way is the best way for me.


O Lord, strengthen my hope, especially when my many wishes are not fulfilled.


Let me never forget that your name is Love.