They weren’t happy.  They didn’t like what was happening.  They grumbled.  They complained.  They wanted to return to the way things had been.  They wanted things to be like they had been before. 


They criticized their leaders, blaming them for what was going on.  They wanted to go back to the “normal” they had become accustomed to.  They didn’t like the changes that had taken place.


They were the people of God.  You can read about how disgruntled they were in the Old Testament book of Exodus, and amazingly this all took place after God miraculously had delivered them from bondage in Egypt and was leading them to the Promised Land.


God’s people were wandering in the wilderness.  It was uncomfortable.  It was unsettling.  They were uncertain what was going to happen next.


Today many people feel like they are wandering in the wilderness, and it’s hard.  Change can be hard. 


One of the reasons our church has the name “Journey” is that it recognizes and even celebrates that life in this world is a journey.  None of us is ever guaranteed what will happen next.  What is guaranteed is change.


So, what should faithful followers of Jesus do in the midst of ongoing, unsettling change in life?  Watch this video to get perspective.