It was fun.  Plain fun.  There was laughter.  Joking.  Kidding around.  And, yes, it was truly fun to work. 


Peeling potatoes.  Dicing plums.  Slicing squash.  Cutting cake.  Making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Organizing lunches.  Stacking cans of food.  Fun, you say?  Absolutely!  (Though truth be told, I was a little cautious when Jackie Taylor was chopping up vegetables and waving a big knife around, because evidently she cannot talk without using her hands!)


I had the privilege on Saturday morning to serve along with 15 other people from Journey at the Roanoke Rescue Mission.  It was a wonderful time!  It brought joy spending time with others in our church family, but also in knowing we were making a difference helping people in need and showing in concrete actions the love of Jesus and not just talking about it.


In a time when many words are spoken and posted on social media, it was very meaningful to engage in loving actions which reveal what’s truly in our hearts more than simple words.  My hope, my prayer is that in this challenging season, people in our Journey family will choose to speak and post encouraging and caring and helpful words and back them up with actions in Christ-like serving and caring that can overcome all divisions and disunity and disharmony.


Serving together in the one Lord, with one mind, in one hope, grounded in the one never failing love of Jesus.  May it be so in all of our lives.