Journey church is

Accepting:  Loves, welcomes and encourages people of any race, socioeconomic level, marital status, age, spiritual background; does not embarrass or condemn or beat people down emotionally; is not cliquish

Celebrating:  Has incredibly talented musical, multi-media and dramatic persons leading in worship

Discipling:  Leads unchurched people to Jesus; connects them in meaningful community for learning and fellowship; intentionally moves them from wherever they are spiritually toward becoming more fully-devoted followers of Christ

Innovative:  Unbound by convention, breaks stereotypes

Missional:  Tithes to missions initiatives and serves in the community where there are needs, whether physical, emotional or spiritual

Transforming:  Empowers people to use their gifts in transforming lives for Christ, always ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus, seeking no reward or recognition

Truth-telling: Biblically-centered teaching; sensitive in a relevant way to issues facing people in today’s world; does not back away from hard questions; shares the gospel message to people who may have never heard it before; does not compromise what’s expected of Christ-followers to serve and develop spiritually